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The National Lottery have awarded £50,000 to Canolfan Hamdden Beaumaris and Cynghrair Seiriol Alliance to develop ambitious plans for a £5 million project!

Cynghrair Seiriol Alliance and Canolfan Hamdden Beaumaris undertook extensive consultations with the Seiriol communities in 2016, 2021 and 2022 and the community identified the following significant barriers to wellbeing in the area


 - lack of amenities, resources and suitable activities

 - poor communication and information-sharing within and between the Seiriol communities


Supported by our learning from these consultations we have developed the Cysylltu Seiriol Connect Project with the intention to transform Canolfan Hamdden Beaumaris into a modern well-being community hub coordinating with the Alliance and other community facilities as part of a close Seiriol network.


The Cysylltu Seiriol Connect Project is proposing to deliver the following:


1. Extended and improved Canolfan Hamdden Beaumaris building which will include:

 - upgraded theatre facilities

 - multipurpose activity spaces

 - wellness facilities

 - incorporation of Beaumaris Library into the main Canolfan building

 - a cafe/soft play facility

 - a "Changing Places" facility


2. A more connected network of community facilities across the Seiriol area with a central storage for community equipment, an e-bike network and community EV vehicles and integrated information sharing and marketing expertise supported by community development and engagement staff.


3. Sustain and create direct and indirect employment, training and volunteering opportunities including five new jobs for the Seiriol area: 

 - Cysylltu Seiriol Connect Manager

 - Two Community Development Officers

 - One IT and Administratration Officer

 - Community Engagement, Marketing and Events Officer

In addition the project will support the Canolfan to:

 - retain its existing workforce (4.5 FTE)

 - employ 2 Apprenticeships per year

 - use the Cafe and other new facilities for training

Architect’s drawing of the proposed Canolfan development (Owain Evans, Russell-Hughes Cyf)

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