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Seiriol Good Turn Scheme aims to provide certain services for individuals in need living in the Seiriol Ward who have requested our support. We aim to provide this service to a high quality. Where we are getting this right, please let us know.


However, should you have concerns about the service received, there is a procedure which you can use to inform us of these.


If you are concerned about the service received from a particular volunteer, it is usually best, in the first place, to raise the matter with that person.


If, however, you feel it would be inappropriate or too difficult to do so, you can contact either the Volunteer Co-ordinator or one of the Telephone Call-Handlers.


We will often be able to respond immediately, but If the matter is more complex, we will aim to give you a verbal response within 5 working days. Our aim is to investigate your complaint properly.


Making a written complaint


If you are not satisfied with our response or wish to raise the matter more formally, please write to the Chair of the Seiriol Good Turn Scheme Steering Committee. The contact details are as below or can be obtained from one of the Telephone Call-Handlers.


If your complaint is about the Chair, please write to the Vice-Chair.


All written complaints will be logged and you will receive a written acknowledgement within 5 working days.


We will aim to give you our response within 10 working days. This will set out how the problem will be dealt with. If it is not possible to deal with the matter fully within 10 working days, an interim response will be made, informing you of the action taken to date or what is being considered. We will aim to provide you with a full response within a reasonable period of time after that.


If, after you have received our response, you are still dissatisfied, please write to the Chair (or Vice-Chair when preferred) again who will report the matter to the Seiriol Alliance Board of Trustees. The Seiriol Alliance Board of Trustees will decide what further steps may be needed to resolve the situation. We will then inform you of the Seiriol Alliance Board of Trustees’ decision.


The decision of the Seiriol Alliance Board of Trustees will be final.


Contact Information

Tel: 07933 726913 / 07933 726914 / 07933 726915


Address: Seiriol Good Turn Scheme Canolfan Hamdden Beaumaris Rating Row Beaumaris Anglesey LL58 8AL

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